DataLearn is open for the Fall 2023 quarter! Check out the Join Us page for more information.

What will I learn from DataLearn?

DataLearn is a 8 week long course, designed to introduce interested students to the technical aspects of Data Science and Data Analysis. Some of the topics we will cover include - Introduction to Python, Introduction to Machine Learning, Machine Learning and Python, SQL, and Tableau. The goal of this course is to help students interested in data-related fields learn the necessary technical skills required for interviews and the industry.

What do I need to know to enroll in DataLearn?

DataLearn is an open-for-all course with no restrictions on graduation year or major. The course is beginner friendly and assumes no prior coding knowledge. However, the course is fast paced and we expect students to keep up with the course material.

What are the expectations for someone enrolled in this course?

We expect 100% attendance throughout the course as material won’t be repeated across weeks. Attendance will be recorded every week. Course materials will be shared at the end of each class to revise, and go over concepts which were not covered in class. Each lecture will be followed by a short take-home assignment (~2 multiple choice questions) which will be graded for correctness.

What are the benefits of completing this course?

Firstly, you will have the main technical skills to tackle any data science problem or interview. Moreover, top-performing students will be given a higher chance to enroll into DataRes’ other teams (Data Blog, Consulting, and Research)